I will create an augmented product catalog


Augmented Reality (AR) is the technology that powers Pokemon Go, Instagram cool filters, and many other combinations of virtual elements in the real environment.IKEA is the leading user of the augmented catalogs: youtu.be/vDNzTasuYEwUse this gig to create one for your own content. You can add video, 3D models (with or without animations), extra text, and more.


My service includes one hour design meeting before we start the work, to make sure we are setup with all the content and expectations.The hardware should be decided in advance, so you could start the purchasing process of it. Also the development is directly related to the resulted one. During the design meeting I will help with this issue. The content itself is not part of my offer, but I can provide you with demo materials so you could experience what it would be like.In the end of production we will have another training meeting on how to use the result.

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