It's easy to work and earn,
with your smartphone.

Sell your talent online.

MobiJobs makes it easy for anyone in Africa to list a job. Perhaps you have one specific skill, or maybe you have plenty… whatever they are, convert your skills into singular tasks, list up to 5 tasks free and enjoy a global presence to start earning

Whether you’re looking to earn, gain experience or build your career, MobiJobs puts you in touch with buyers locally and across the world.  To help you grow.

Sell your jobs on MobiJobs

Create your very own seller profile.

Your profile is a representation of the services and skills you offer.  Make it yours – it’s like having your own online CV for the world to view and buy your jobs.

Upload photos or video, provide a write up of your skills – anything that will make you stand out.  You can build a profile that makes you look professional helping you sell your jobs, faster.

Sell your jobs on MobiJobs

Work with clients anywhere, easily.

Using you mobile or laptop, communicate with your clients using the integrated message system.  Your personal workdesk allows you to effectively manage your jobs and ensure that you provide top service thus helping you to maintain excellent ratings and sell more jobs.

Add add-ons to existing jobs, rate your buyers and much more.  The MobiJobs seller platform provides you all the tools to get started.

EayJobs, payment powered by SAFCOIN

Earn from anywhere in the world, and cashout conveniently.

MobiJobs payments are facilitated by SAFCOIN wallet for Africa.  Your own secure SAFCOIN mobile wallet is automatically created when you sign up to MobiJobs.  

This method reduces transaction fees and allows for anyone in Africa to participate.  It supports cashout to Mobile Money, Crypto and Bank transfer, in 18 African countries – making payouts much faster than other Gig work platforms.

Click here for more wallet information and cashout options.

EayJobs, payment powered by SAFCOIN

Need help?

The friendly  MobiJobs team members are here to assist you every step of the way.  

Simply contact us for assistance.