Your crypto powered wallet.

All MobiJobs transactions are facilitated by the SAFCOIN crypto wallet.

When you register to become a buyer or seller (or both), your SAFCOIN crypto wallet is automatically  created and linked up with your MobiJobs profile.

This means that high transaction fees are eliminated and anyone can buy or sell a job – online.

EayJobs, payment powered by SAFCOIN


What is SAFCOIN?

Ever heard of Bitcoin? Much like it, SAFCOIN is also a crypto-currency, FOR AFRICA – powering the MobiJobs platform. 

Designed to fulfill a unique set of requirements and overcome challenges African users face – especially when it comes to receiving and making payments online: at a fraction of the cost of conventional transaction fees.

CRYPTO - earn it or spend it.

MobiJobs payments are made and received in SAF (SAFCOIN).

Use your SAFCOINS to sell jobs, buy jobs, send it to friends, trade it on the SAFCOIN exchange P2P, HODL it, or withdraw it via your mobile money or EFT into your bank account.  

When you send SAF to another SAF wallet – it’s free.  So don’t waste your hard earned crypto on unnecessary fees.



Serious about your security.

Your trust and security is important to us.  We work day and night to make sure your wallet and sensitive information stays safe.  

One wallet, plenty options.

Withdraw or top up your wallet via any of these options:

Need help?

We’re here for you every step of the way. 

Simply get in touch via the live chat feature, by pressing the message icon at the bottom right corner of your screen.
Alternatively contact the friendly support team via email or by submitting a contact form.